Rashmi Group CSR
Corporate SocialResponsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulation, deeply rooted into the business model of most forward-thinking organizations that look beyond formal chemistry lab report example mere profits and Rashmi Group is one of them.

We firmly believe in the concept of ‘giving it back to SeoSmart the society’ and hence work dedicatedly to better the communities in which we operate and support continued growth and development across the globe. Our CSR programmes are guided by our core values which form the nucleus of our corporate culture. We aim to grow our business while reducing the environmental effect of our operations and increasing our positive social impact.

Till date, Rashmi Group has undertaken a host www.thehomeworkportal.com/ of initiatives in relation to poverty alleviation and rural development that help people considerably and improve the quality of their lives. Our focus areas include health care, skill development, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure and environmental conservation.

Major highlights of our CSR practice:

  • In association with Star Jalsa, participated in a noble cause and donated clothes to underprivileged children.
  • Provided short-term Technical training for development of skill among dislocated local villagers.
  • Planted fifty thousand trees of different varieties along the periphery of the factory for development of a ai???GREEN-BELTai??? in our plant.
  • Providing First-Aid facilities as well as primary medical assistance to the nearby local people though Occupational Health Centre.
  • Constructing tube wells in villages where water supply facility is extremely poor.

We understand the importance of social responsibility and ethics and are working in tandem with several communities to gauge their needs, implement projects and play an important role in their growth.